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(Enter the forest of feelings)

[14 Sep 2003|02:41pm]

~Mel folds his hands under his chin.~
Well I wish the best of luck to Ye! What you really need to look out for is that danged flute player. I've been telling Hotohori to compete for years-

{{Hotohori ignores his name and continues to eat.}}

~Mel glares to him~
But the lad just doesn't want to admit he has talent!

Nuriko giggles
So naive.

{{Hotohori rolls his eyes.}}

::Tessa thinks then looks as if a lightbulb had gone off inside her head.::
Ah! We can do a song and dance routine! We can do two to increase our chances! Hotohori can play...somebody can sing and the others can do a meaningful dance!

+Diego chuckles and looks to Adrienne+

~Mel shakes his head at her enthusiasm~

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[29 Jul 2003|09:04pm]

::Adrienne smiles semi-deviously.::
Very carefully.
::She answers as if it was just the answer they'd been looking for. She laughs, slicing a tiny piece of her cake with her fork and spearing it, although does not lift it to her mouth.::
Hmm...well, we could put on a comedy act, or maybe sing...
::She pauses thoughtfully, then smiles cheerfully.::
Aw but I wouldn't worry about it...whatever we do, we'll knock 'em dead...and then alive again!

+ Mercutio chuckles at Adrienne's enthusiasm, then smiles. +
Well...that's definitely a good question...hmm...
+ He taps a finger against his lip thoughtfully. +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

Well oh well...doooo tell! [28 Jul 2003|03:36pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Nuriko pushes her chair out and stands up.
Well I'll do it... but if by the tiny little chance that i will, win, you guys get the magic..you'd need it more than me.

{Hotohori looks up}
That's very selfless of you Nuriko.

She winks.
I'll try my hardest! For you all!

+Diego chuckles+
Like a variety contest of some sort?
+Mel nods+
Sounds like a load of fun. At least one of us should win the prize.

::Tessa looks thoughtful.::
Yes, but how will we win it?

(Enter the forest of feelings)

Hehe... [28 Jul 2003|01:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

::Adrienne's eyes light up. Magic...it most certainly could come in handy! She laughs, putting down her fork for a moment.::
Include me too!
::The more of their group in, the greater the odds of them winning...but it would be even better if they all were together in one entry...that way all of them would have somewhat of magic. It was urgently needed...they'd have to discuss it after 'tea time'. She smiles, picking up her fork again. She turns to Nuriko.::
You'll have to let us hear you sing, some time. It'd be fun!

+ Mercutio only shakes his head with a chuckle taking a bite of his cake. +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[28 Jul 2003|12:52pm]

+Diego seats himself looking at her with a "Hurtful and unecesary" look+

{Hotohori cuts the cake in alot of halves. (lol) then hands a piece to Mel, The next, he gives across the table to Nuriko, who takes it from him with a thanks}
Yeah Meribia's anual festival. It's supposed to bring togetherness and stuff.
{He continues pasing out cake until everybody has some.}
Nuriko is usually the star proformer.

She just casually picks up her fork and takes a bite of her cake.

~Mel drops his fork~
Now Nuriko! There isn't anything to be ashamed of.

{Hotohori flashes her his most handsome smiles}
You're a lovely singer Nuriko.

She gasps and blushes slightly. Ebony nudges her cheek.
She stops

~Mel looks to the guests~
Anyway. It's alot of fun. There's an annual prize of a very powerful magic. It's one of Althena. Right Hotohori.

{Hotohori remains casually silent.}

::Tessa smiles mischeiviously. This was her weakpoint. What have they got to loose? That magic could come in handy.::
Tessa's in! Thanks so much Mel.

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[27 Jul 2003|06:14pm]

::Adrienne giggles in amusement before thanking him and sitting down. She motions to the chair next to her, immitating him playfully.::
For ya', sir.
::She winks. Hearing Mel's announcement, she smiles.::
Thank you very much...

+ Mercutio gently pushes in Tessa's chair and smiles, taking a seat beside her and glancing up attentively towards Mel. He nods in agreement with Adrienne. +
Sounds good to me...
+ He pauses. +
+ He asks obliviously. +

+ Sapphire leaps up to sit upon Mercutio's shoudler, listening curiously. +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[27 Apr 2003|05:00pm]

{Hotohori pushes open a door to the dining room, there was a huge table that seated at least 30. Mel was seated at the head of coarse. He sits to the left of Mel. The waitress pours tea into each individual cup then exits the room. She comes back and puts a cake on the table. Hotohori nods in thanks as she exits again, then proceeds to cut the cake.}

+Diego pulls out a chair for Adrienne, looks at her, then leans on it. He quirks a brow+
For ya' ma'daam.

~Mel rolls his eyes.~

::Tessa sits casually on the left side of the table, leaving the space next to Mel for Mercutio.::

Ebony was still perched on Nuriko's shoulder. Nuriko takes one of the seats next to Hotohori.

~Mel clears his throat~
Well nice of you guys to finally join me.

{Hotohori quirks a brow}
Since when do we have tea time?

~Mel laughs~
Good question Hotohori! Since we have guests. First off I would like to let them know that they're welcome to stay until the festivals over.

Nuriko picks up her fork but then drops it.
She studders, remembering that she usually opened it with a song. Last year she couldnt... somebody did and she was way better than her. Despite what Hotohori said...she just coudln't work up the guts to sing again.
Oh yeah..the festival.

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[26 Jul 2003|10:35pm]

::Adrienne shakes her head and laughs, at last slowing her pace as they come to the end of the corridor to the Dining Hall.::

+ Mercutio and Sapphire...are...still...STILL...yes, still...walking...ah! But they just slowed down! Woooow....lol. x.x I need sleep, man... +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[26 Jul 2003|10:01pm]

+Diego looks insulted. He twitches a little bit in exasperation. Then snickers.+

::Tessa rolls her eyes. As she reaches to top of the steps, there Hotohori stands.::

{He starts walking again, through a hall.}
The dining hall is just through here!

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[26 Jul 2003|09:53pm]

::Adrienne smiles, quriking a brow and folding her arms as she immitates him.::
Well, then!
::She relaxes her arms to her sides with a laugh.::
Diego's probably more fun when he's not a prince, anyway.
::Adrienne giggles as they reach their destination.::

+ Mercutio and Sapphire...are...still...walking... -.-;;; +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[25 May 2003|10:04pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

::Tessa looks at Mercutio for a second as he reaches her side, smiles, then looks back ahead casually.::

+Diego shakes his head+
Look, buddy.
+He narrows his eyes playfully+
Maybe Diego doesn't feeel like being a prince at the moment!
+He cocks his brow and crosses his arms.+

{Hotohori looks back to the group then silently walks ahead and out of the dojo. He rounds the corner and ups the stairs, not bothering to wait. He just walks slow.}

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[25 Jul 2003|02:19pm]

[ mood | ...better.... ]

::Adrienne smiles and follows them out, walking to Diego's side and nudges his arm. She looks up at him playfully.::
What's wrong? Don't you just love tea, and of course, adore Hotohori? Why, I'd expect the Prince Of The Moon to show more gratitude for such hospitality!
::She says teasingly.::

+ Mercutio follows the group out, watching Tessa for a moment before smiling softly and walking to her side. +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[24 Jul 2003|09:50pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Nuriko pats Ebony on the head
That's great then!
She looked excited. She runs out of the dojo with Ebony giggling.

{Hotohori chuckles}
The social butterfly, that girl.
{He walks foward and beckons to the others with his hand}
This usually means Mel has an announcement...I'll show you all around the palace when we're done. You're welcome to stay and train as long as you all like.

::Tessa giggles::
That sounds great Hotohori...thanks for your hospitality!
::She says, beginning to walk.::

+Diego just rolls his eyes playfully and starts to follow.+

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[24 Jul 2003|09:02am]

[ mood | awake ]

::Adrienne purses her lips for a moment in thought; they really ought get going; they all had such a large task ahead of them, although...what better a way to thank Hotohori, Nuriko and Mel for the help they'd given them? Her lips turn into a smile and she nods.::
Of course! Why not?
::She pauses, then turns to the others.::
...That's if it's alright with you guys...

+ Mercutio shrugs in agreement. +
Sounds good to me...
+ Sapphire walks over and sits by Mercutio's feet. +

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[23 May 2003|09:39pm]

::The petite dragoness sticks her tongue out at her partner.::
Gotta ruin all of the fun, dontcha Mercutio?

{Hotohori looks at his watch}
Eh...hold that thought Mercutio.
{He points up. Mels voice rings through the throne room. 'To the dining hall everybody! Afternoon tea is served! "}

Nuriko blinks. Her eyes sparkle.
I love tea!
She stops abruptly
Wait...Hotohori-sama...since when does the palace have a tea time?

{Hotohori shrugs (He cocks a brow at Mary then shakes his head)}
Ok we do now...

Nuriko turns to the others.
Join us for tea?

+Diego crosses his arms and leans against the wall. He looks to Adrienne.+

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[23 Jul 2003|05:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

::Adrienne's eyes light up.::
Really? Wow, I had no idea...
::She steps foward towards Tessa and Nuriko.::
I love singing!
::Aliel's eyes widen.::
~*~Oh no...~*~
::She flits back to Diego's shoulder and buries her face in the collar of his neck, hands clamped over her ears.::
~*~Let me know when it's over...~*~

+ Mercutio chuckles, shaking his head at the faerie's antics. He looks up with a smile, placing a hand on Nuriko's shoulder in a friendly manner. +
I'm sure you do...but we need to hone our fighting skills at the moment-
+ He looks at Adrienne and Tessa, one eyebrow raised. +
And that goes for you two too.

(Enter the forest of feelings)

It'd be Nuri-chan :-p or Nuri-san. [23 Jul 2003|04:00pm]

Nuriko chuckles.
She cheerfully announces.
Hotohori may have never lost a sword fight...But I've never lost in physical strength!

{Hotohori does a bunch of sword excersizes as he speaks.}
-and she's a hell of a singer outside of the fighting ring.
{He continues to stretch and swing the sword around gracefully.}

Nuriko gasps blushes slightly.

::Tessa's eyes light up. Her true attention span shows when she gasps and looks to Nuriko. She perks her head up.::
Me too!

Ebony giggles.
Tessa too!

+Diego's eyes widen+
Oh boy...

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[23 Jul 2003|03:13pm]

::Adrienne can't help a smile, then a laugh. She turns around and throws her arms around Diego's neck in playful hug before withdrawing and taking back her bow.::

+ Mercutio smiles warmly, chuckling. +
Alright then!
+ He whirls around and stabs his sword into the target once more, smiling proudly as he sees it had hit it's mark. Mercutio laughs. +
Alright, you're turn...

::Adrienne notices Nuriko; turning back to Diego with a wink as if to say, "be right back..." She turns and walks over towards Nuriko. Her voice is quiet, though friendly.::
Have you much experience with swords, Nuriko-chan?
((I hope that's the correct thingy -.-;;; lol ...and if not, pretend it was! :P ))

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[23 Jul 2003|02:26pm]

+Diego smiles warmly, going up behind her and putting his hands over hers on the bow. Smiling warmly he pulls their hands back and releases the bowstring. The arrow flys in between Tessa and Mercutio, but as it was about to pass Hotohori, he catches it. Diego heartedly laughs. Hotohori just shakes his head, then laughs along with Diego.+

::Tessa shakes her head.::
Nothing Mercutio. Thanks for your concern.
::She smiles, drawing her sword.::
Lets conquer this puppy!

Nuriko pets Ebony, gazing longingly at the chestnut haired sub-governer ((Yes she is obsessed. lol))

(Enter the forest of feelings)

[23 Jul 2003|01:11pm]

+ Mercutio nods once more, doing just as Hotohori had said...for a long moment, he envisions himself standing, eyes slipped shut yet completely aware of what he was going to do. Duddenly, he whirls around and stabs the wall. He opens his eyes to find that it had pierced the dot of his target, and smiles triumphantly. +
+ He retrieves the sword with a smile, and is about to say something when he notices Tessa. His face furrows in concern. He looks briefly towards Hotohori and says quietly. +
If you would give me a moment...
+ He turns and walks towards Tessa, stopping at her side and placing a comforting, strong hand on her shoulder. +
+ He says softly. +
Tess, are you alright?
+ He smiles somewhat. +
I'm not the only one who needs to be learning here...


::Adrienne's eyes widen.::
That...was hurtful.
::She turns around and walks away, mock-sniffling.::
Fine...I...I can do it by myself....
::She looks blanky at her bow for a moment and laughs before shaking her head and whipping out an arrow from the quiver on her back, stringing it against the bowstring as she pulls it back and raises it to eye-level.::

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